How to Date Hot Ethiopian Girls

Sexy Ethiopian girl in white bikiniEthiopia is located on the east coast of Africa, and is home to one of the oldest places where humans were thought to live.  Scientists believe that it was from Ethiopia that prehistoric man traveled to the Middle East and other countries surrounding it.

Ethiopia is rich in culture and history, and is just beginning to recover from a major famine that rocked the country for more than two decades.

Did you know that some of the most beautiful women in the world are from this small eastern African nation? Are you interested in dating a woman from Ethiopia and possibly making her your mail order bride?

Here is some information on hot Ethiopian girls and how to date one.

What Ethiopian women want:  These eastern African women love a strong man, and are expecting to find a man who will both protect them and love them.  If you are really interested in dating one of these beauties you better be sure that you are a strong capable man that will really take care of them.

Choose wisely: There is no short supply of stunningly beautiful Ethiopian women.  When you get more than one hot Ethiopian girl interested in you it may be a good idea to look over their profiles carefully.  Do not just go by the fact they have a pretty face and nice smile.  There is more to a woman that her outwardly appearance and this holds true for Ethiopian women as well.

simple and attractive ethiopiansDo some research:  Since you are interested in someone from Ethiopia, you need to learn all you can about the country and culture.  This will show your possible bride that you genuinely want to know all about where she comes from and this desire to know about her country will impress her.

Honesty is the best policy:  If you truly want an Ethiopian woman to be your wife than you need to be honest with her about who you are.  Ethiopian women are very big about honesty and the last thing you want to do is present yourself as someone other than who you are.

Ethiopia is an amazing country and so are the women that come from it.  If you are looking to date a hot Ethiopian woman and possibly marry her than you need to really work at it.  Remember, any woman no matter where she is from deserves to be treated right and cherished. Treat any woman like how you yourself would want to be treated and everything will turn out just fine.

Appreciating Unique Ethiopian Beauty

Admit it. You always dream of having a girlfriend that is not only smart but model-type as well. It is impossible to find a guy who would not want to wake up with someone who looks inexplicably beautiful every morning. You may think that your dream is just a dream and will forever be a dream.

The truth is, you can make this dream a reality. Instead of wasting your time dating every gal in your community, you may want to look into options that will not only give you a chance to date someone worth spending the night with but also someone who can be there for the rest of your life. You can find a partner who has the looks and will stay with you as a partner.

If you are open to explore people from different places, then you must try dating Ethiopian women. The unique Ethiopian beauty has captured the world ever since. Their coffee brown skin, high cheek bones, big eyes and exotic hair make them stand out wherever they go. The best part is that they are fun to be with. Having an Ethiopian date or a partner is like winning two medals at a time.


If you are eager to have an Ethiopian girlfriend, you need to make a move. Instead of sitting, waiting and dreaming for the perfect girl to come, you can explore your options. You can try adding Ethiopian girls online where you can also talk to them. Through this, you are able to assess who among them may just be the right one for you. You can tell if a girl likes you if she takes time to answer your messages with thought and not just simple hello’s.

Once you have found a potential Ethiopian girlfriend, you take the next step which is dating. This gives you a chance to know each other better so you need to make sure that you are at your best when you invite her on a date. Bear in mind that since she is from a different country, there are differences between your cultures. Respect is important to keep the conversation open and to avoid giving her an impression of racism. You need to understand that many people have expressed disapproval over people in Ethiopia especially during times of war so you have to be sensitive about things that can affect her emotions. As much as possible, try to make her feel comfortable so she can open up her real self and take the next step with you.

If you are having a hard time looking for your dream gal online, you can seek help from a match-maker who can fix things for you. Match-makers are experts when it comes to pairing up people no matter where they come from. They have the ability to assess different personalities so they see who are potentially good for each other. They also provide tips regarding dating so you are sure to earn good points especially if you are trying to impress a girl during your first date.

Tips to Date an Ethiopian Woman and Make Her Your Mail Order Bride

cute-ethiopian-girlOnline dating and chat room rendezvous meetings are no longer hot on the radar – the new ‘it’ thing doing the rounds in the Social Networking Dating scene is the availability of mail order brides exclusively handpicked and chosen with your requirements in mind. Of the lot, we recommend Ethiopian women to be the sensuous best as they have it all – elegance, poise, the ideal frame and of course, intellect.

All said and done, how do you choose your perfect Ethiopian bride? We have a few pointers for you to keep in mind.

Appear well dressed with immaculate manners

Unlike public opinion about Ethiopian people, the women from the area are fine ladies and prefer being swept away by gentlemen who are chivalrous, confident and know how to woo their women over by saying and doing the right thing. Complimenting her is okay, but excessive flattery is like a red flag to the woman. You must have firsthand knowledge about social etiquette and fine dining to impress her.

Ethiopian women are outdoor people

Take her skiing, scuba diving and she’ll adore that much more than asking her to escort for a high profile party. Ethiopian women dine well, dress well, appear refined but are very primitive, appealing and adventurous. There is nothing livelier than a day out for them. In fact, many Ethiopian women consider a day trekking as their ideal dates. If you are looking out for hard headed, sportive and fun loving women, Ethiopian women are the best bet.

Research, research and more research

Yes, you read this right! Ethiopian women are usually well read and know their arts, sciences and history really well. There is no better way to charm Ethiopian women than to appear intelligent and opinionated on a few topics to grab their attention. Besides, if you are planning to take time out and study their culture, diverse traditions and customs, you earn enormous brownie points from your women.

Consider a voyage to Ethiopia

For an Ethiopian woman, there is nothing else that matters more than her family. Unlike the free natured Americans, Ethiopian women are strongly bound to their families and cannot even think of marrying anyone who is not formally approved in the household. In case, you are planning to tie the knot with your Mail Order Ethiopian bride, you must win her family all over. A trip to her country will also help you gauge her roots and understand her culture better.

Learn a little Afrikaan to converse with her

Of course, Ethiopian women are great English speakers, what with most of them settled in various Native English speaking countries of the world. But then, Afrikaan is a language close to her heart as her native language. She could feel flattered and cared for if you learn a few words in Afrikaan and talk to her in her language. These tiny acts on your part make you appear more interested in her and she could feel special.

We are sure using these tips, you will chance upon your perfect Ethiopian bride for life and hopefully, win your women’s heart with these practical tips.

Where To Find African Women For Dating And Marriage


It is relatively easy to meet an African woman for dating or marriage but you have to know where to look.

If you live in a metropolitan city like Atlanta, Birmingham, London or New York, you will definitely meet many African women every day of the week.

Some of these ladies may be colleagues at work, course mates in the university or members of your church.

Direct Approach or Arranged Meeting

If you like, you can try the direct approach. In this case, you simply walk up to any African woman you find attractive, chat her up and get to know her better.

A relationship may develop if she finds you attractive. If you do not want to try the direct approach, you can ask a friend to link you up to an African woman that you admire.

This is a good way to start a relationship because the person introducing you to the lady will create a good impression for you so the rest is relatively easy.

Online and Social Media Option

In case you do not know anybody to introduce you to an African lady, just join a dating website and you will find many African women online.

If you are active on the social media scene, you can also get in touch with African ladies on your favorite social media website. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus are great places to meet the African woman of your dreams.

African woman or African American

At this point, it is vital that you know one or two things about African women. Some people have the impression that all African women are African Americans.

The truth is that there are millions of smart and beautiful African women in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

Most of these women are educated, enlightened and well informed. Many of them speak and write excellent English so you will not have problem communicating with them.

Qualities of African Women

If you are fortunate enough to find the right African woman, you will understand why these women are so hot. Generally, African women have good figures and an excellent complexion.

They are also very clean and have good manners. Most women from a traditional African background believe that women should respect the authority of the man.

This is a great quality and this makes them very charming. Now, this does not mean that you should treat an African woman without respect. Give the lady the respect she deserves and you will have a good relationship with her.

Dating an African Woman

African women like to take things easy so you should give her a bit of space. Do not try to get too close to her too soon because this may turn her away from you.

If you are from a different racial background, you should try to see things from the African perspective sometimes.

Finally, you should note that African women do not usually disqualify prospective husbands on the grounds of race or skin color.

Treat your African woman like a princess and she will treat you like a prince. If things go well, the relationship may lead to a happy marriage.


The Customs Of African Girls, Women, and Brides

The Beginning of the Problem

While American culture has evolved greatly over the years in regard to a woman’s place in society and marital expectations, other countries have tried to maintain their own beliefs and traditions while not being effected by the freedoms that American females take for-granted every day.

In this country, we are adapted to the Women’s Liberation Movement, which allows women to not only vote, but to make their own choices in every aspect of their lives. Gone are the days of marriages arranged by the parents, as well as stigmas that revolve around an unexpected pregnancy.

The Negative Effects of Tradition

Other countries have not reached the point that the United States has reached. Due to religious beliefs or traditions, countries such as Africa still live in a time-warp, determining who and when their daughters will marry, and even the means used to ensure that girl-children never enter the realm of adultery or promiscuity.

The methods used are drastic and inhumane, and are still being used today. With this fact being a reality, African government is not able to conceive the possibility that they are planting the seeds of a revolution of women in that system.

Pre-Arranged Marriage During Youth

One of the greatest crimes against African women today is the “marrying off” of them at young ages. Before they are close to being women, girls in this country are being given for marriage and expected to procreate as young as 9 years of age.

Another crime being committed against these girls consists of genital mutilation for the purpose of controlling sexual “impulses”, thereby guaranteeing their virginity when given in marriage.

This practice alone exposes the girls to health issues such as horrible infections, including HIV, and may even extending to scarring, deformities, and death.

As a matter of fact, these girls will be so damaged by this practice it can lead to difficulty in childbirth, which leads to death for the female as well.

The practices are so inhumane, they cannot be discussed in this format. Child marriage results in numerous consequences to the female population in the country, from domestic violence to sexual abuse in the realm of marriage.

Both are suffered by the female, per religion and tradition. Being submissive is demanded, and retaliation or fighting back, in many cases, result in the death of the girl involved.

How Can the Problem Be Solved?

Inadequate education, coupled with the degradation inflicted by the males, these girls and women are unable to stand up for themselves. They have literally come to believe that this lifestyle is normal, and they are brainwashed into the belief that submissive acceptance is what is expected by them. The result is females beaten down mentally, emotionally, and physically, all the while longing for the serenity only death will bring to them.

Changing and Upholding the Law

At this time in history, there are many who wish to help change things for these girls. Groups who have dedicated themselves to eliminating the current treatment of these beautiful women are focusing on their education and making them aware of their choices as human beings.

Some of the women in this area have come to believe they are not even human. Child marriage can only be disposed of by authorities reinforcing the international laws that are already in place, stating that individuals must be 18 years of age to marry. Strict penalties must be put in place and enforced.

This can be difficult due to the traditions that have been lived by for so long in Africa. Enforcing the law with diligence is the only way to change this. Genital mutilation can only be enforced by law, which is the only way to reassure the health and well being of African women, African girls, and African brides all over the area.

People Want To Make A Change

There are many organizations dedicated to changing the rituals and degrading acts that have been imposed on this group of human beings. The only solution is other human being stepping in to make the change happen. By joining together and making our voices loud, change can happen for all the females suffering this torment everywhere.