Where To Find African Women For Dating And Marriage

It is relatively easy to meet an African woman for dating or marriage but you have to know where to look.

If you live in a metropolitan city like Atlanta, Birmingham, London or New York, you will definitely meet many African women every day of the week.

Some of these ladies may be colleagues at work, course mates in the university or members of your church.

Direct Approach or Arranged Meeting

If you like, you can try the direct approach. In this case, you simply walk up to any African woman you find attractive, chat her up and get to know her better.

A relationship may develop if she finds you attractive. If you do not want to try the direct approach, you can ask a friend to link you up to an African woman that you admire.

This is a good way to start a relationship because the person introducing you to the lady will create a good impression for you so the rest is relatively easy.

Online and Social Media Option

In case you do not know anybody to introduce you to an African lady, just join a dating website and you will find many African women online.

If you are active on the social media scene, you can also get in touch with African ladies on your favorite social media website. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus are great places to meet the African woman of your dreams.


African woman or African American

At this point, it is vital that you know one or two things about African women. Some people have the impression that all African women are African Americans.

The truth is that there are millions of smart and beautiful African women in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

Most of these women are educated, enlightened and well informed. Many of them speak and write excellent English so you will not have problem communicating with them.

Qualities of African Women

If you are fortunate enough to find the right African woman, you will understand why these women are so hot. Generally, African women have good figures and an excellent complexion.

They are also very clean and have good manners. Most women from a traditional African background believe that women should respect the authority of the man.

This is a great quality and this makes them very charming. Now, this does not mean that you should treat an African woman without respect. Give the lady the respect she deserves and you will have a good relationship with her.

Dating an African Woman

African women like to take things easy so you should give her a bit of space. Do not try to get too close to her too soon because this may turn her away from you.

If you are from a different racial background, you should try to see things from the African perspective sometimes.

Finally, you should note that African women do not usually disqualify prospective husbands on the grounds of race or skin color.

Treat your African woman like a princess and she will treat you like a prince. If things go well, the relationship may lead to a happy marriage.


The Customs Of African Girls, Women, and Brides

The Beginning of the Problem

While American culture has evolved greatly over the years in regard to a woman’s place in society and marital expectations, other countries have tried to maintain their own beliefs and traditions while not being effected by the freedoms that American females take for-granted every day.

In this country, we are adapted to the Women’s Liberation Movement, which allows women to not only vote, but to make their own choices in every aspect of their lives. Gone are the days of marriages arranged by the parents, as well as stigmas that revolve around an unexpected pregnancy.

The Negative Effects of Tradition

Other countries have not reached the point that the United States has reached. Due to religious beliefs or traditions, countries such as Africa still live in a time-warp, determining who and when their daughters will marry, and even the means used to ensure that girl-children never enter the realm of adultery or promiscuity.

The methods used are drastic and inhumane, and are still being used today. With this fact being a reality, African government is not able to conceive the possibility that they are planting the seeds of a revolution of women in that system.

Pre-Arranged Marriage During Youth

One of the greatest crimes against African women today is the “marrying off” of them at young ages. Before they are close to being women, girls in this country are being given for marriage and expected to procreate as young as 9 years of age.

Another crime being committed against these girls consists of genital mutilation for the purpose of controlling sexual “impulses”, thereby guaranteeing their virginity when given in marriage.

This practice alone exposes the girls to health issues such as horrible infections, including HIV, and may even extending to scarring, deformities, and death.

As a matter of fact, these girls will be so damaged by this practice it can lead to difficulty in childbirth, which leads to death for the female as well.

The practices are so inhumane, they cannot be discussed in this format. Child marriage results in numerous consequences to the female population in the country, from domestic violence to sexual abuse in the realm of marriage.

Both are suffered by the female, per religion and tradition. Being submissive is demanded, and retaliation or fighting back, in many cases, result in the death of the girl involved.

How Can the Problem Be Solved?

Inadequate education, coupled with the degradation inflicted by the males, these girls and women are unable to stand up for themselves. They have literally come to believe that this lifestyle is normal, and they are brainwashed into the belief that submissive acceptance is what is expected by them. The result is females beaten down mentally, emotionally, and physically, all the while longing for the serenity only death will bring to them.

Changing and Upholding the Law

At this time in history, there are many who wish to help change things for these girls. Groups who have dedicated themselves to eliminating the current treatment of these beautiful women are focusing on their education and making them aware of their choices as human beings.

Some of the women in this area have come to believe they are not even human. Child marriage can only be disposed of by authorities reinforcing the international laws that are already in place, stating that individuals must be 18 years of age to marry. Strict penalties must be put in place and enforced.

This can be difficult due to the traditions that have been lived by for so long in Africa. Enforcing the law with diligence is the only way to change this. Genital mutilation can only be enforced by law, which is the only way to reassure the health and well being of African women, African girls, and African brides all over the area.

People Want To Make A Change

There are many organizations dedicated to changing the rituals and degrading acts that have been imposed on this group of human beings. The only solution is other human being stepping in to make the change happen. By joining together and making our voices loud, change can happen for all the females suffering this torment everywhere.